About the Green Freedom Campaign

The Berlin Manhattan Institute is currently running a campaign which seeks to spread reliable information about environmental issues and promote green policies that are pro-growth.  The Green Movement should be about freedom; freedom to question claims put forth by NGOs, to offer advice about how to approach global issues, and to counter or expand upon scientific evidence in the field. Being green is about being free to question, to create, to fix, to grow and to innovate.

The ‘Green Freedom’ campaign is guided by two principles:

  1. Support for Free Trade, Free Enterprise and Competitiveness – Barriers to free trade will hinder economic development in the developing world. Free trade of goods and services should instead be encouraged, to provide optimal benefits to developed and developing countries.
  2. Support for Ethical Corporate Social Responsibility – Many Green NGOs pressure corporations to adhere to their corporate social responsibility (CSR) demands, and in some cases this undermines the core business activities of these companies unnecessarily.  The Green Freedom Campaign will look into CSR demands with the intention of pinpointing which of these are unnecessary.  Our goal is to promote jobs and prosperity in the developing world while also taking into consideration necessary regulations on business.