Duration: 2 hours

Location: Café Brandauer S-Bahnbogen 151. Kleine Präsidentenstraße / Monbijoupark Berlin (nähe Hackescher Markt) 10178 Berlin

When in December 2010 Egyptian citizens started to crowd the streets demanding reforms and democracy it took them only 9 month to force long term president Mubarak to reseign.

At our Wednesday meeting on October 19, Amr Bargisi of the Egyptian Union of Liberal Youth will give a short talk about the forces behind the Egyptian Spring, and to what extend the demands are or were met.

About the Speaker

Amr Bargisi is Director of Programs at the Egyptian Union of Liberal Youth, a Cairo-based organization seeking to promote Classical Liberalism in Egypt. He studied Philosophy at Ain Shams University in Cairo and the Social Sciences at the University of Chicago. He was a 2008 Robert L. Bartley fellow with the Editorial Board of the Wall Street Journal. He is now the Albert Einstein fellow with the Einstein Forum in Potsdam Germany, where he is conducting a comparative study of the relationship between Divine Right and Natural Right in Islam and Judaism.
How to find the Venue

The Café Brandauer is located under the “S-Bahn-Gleisen” (S-Bahn Tracks), only a few hundred meters away from the S-Bahnhof Hackescher Markt. Just follow the “tracks” on the Southern side and walk towards West (the river).
Registration and Participation

The event is open for everybody interested in freedom